Who I am

Brandon Shoupe is a husband, father, & small business owner. His children attend the county public school system. His family attends Covenant United Methodist Church in Dothan. Born in Houston County, he works to create opportunity for Houston County Citizens.

Brandon Shoupe represents the people of District 4 in Houston County. He has done so since his election in 2014. Before the pandemic, he held regular town halls in his district. He also keeps a close eye on county expenses and does his best to stretch tax dollars as far as possible.
While pursuing a degree at Auburn University, he worked at the National Security Agency at Ft. Meade, MD. At the NSA, he worked on several national security-related projects and was present during the terrorist attacks of September 11th, 2001.
Brandon is very active in Republican politics. Since 2008, he has:
  • Been a member of the County Alabama Republican Executive Committee
  • Is a past vice-Chairman of AL-02 for ALGOP
  • Has served on the state executive committee for the Republican Party
  • Volunteered for numerous local elections
  • Written an app to help Republicans better target likely voters
Brandon believes in limiting the size and scope of government. Also, he thinks we should be free to live out our lives without government intrusion as much as possible.
Brandon is the previous owner of Strategy6, a website development company he founded in 2008. Brandon grew the company into one of the most reputable Alabama-based website development firms. In 2016, he sold the company to a long time friend.
Today, Brandon is the owner of Kaiser Capital Investments. Kaiser currently invests in internet-related businesses. He is also a partner in Red Shift & Southern Media. Red Shift is a software tool suite used by several Republican campaigns in Alabama. Southern Media is buys and operates informational websites.