An Ode to 2021 & My December Setlist

An Ode to 2021 & My December Setlist

Thank goodness that this is the final month of 2020! Hopefully, nothing major is in store for this month other than our annual Christmas and New Year’s Eve celebrations. Of course, if 2020 has been working its way towards a grand finale, this is the month where it must happen. But I’m remaining optimistic and am going to believe the end of 2020 will be anti-climactic.

▶️ One Audiobook to Press Play On

The Making of the Atomic Bomb is, by far, the greatest audiobook I’ve ever heard. From the author’s poetic description of the machinery of war to his many-page description of what happens within the first few milliseconds of an atomic bomb’s detonation, the book–and audiobook–are a masterpiece of history and storytelling.

📙 What I’m Reading

I’m currently reading The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership by John C. Maxwell. The first lesson really drives home the importance of developing your leadership abilities. In “The Law of the Lid,” Maxwell points out that your ability to be successful is dependent upon your leadership ability. No one can do everything themselves. But for people to follow you, you must be a leader. The remainder of the book is dedicated towards improving your ability to lead others.

🎶 What I’m Listening To

A group that occupies many tracks on my playlist is a band called Bleachers. Founded by a member of the band Fun, the melodies are similar in some ways to the songs that I grew up to in the 90’s. There are no bridges filled with rap lyrics, neither is there much computer-generated sound effects, just great artists playing great music accompanied by outstanding lyrics.

👍 Why I’m Optimistic About the Future

Sure, our nation cycles through great leaders and those that lead us astray. Emergencies come and go. However, we should remember that the media makes a profit by spinning stories to make people go crazy so we will continue to consume their content. But here is one reason why I’m optimistic that, in the grand scheme of time, things are actually getting better:

In the 1980’s we had lawn darts. People actually thought it was a great idea to give kids foot-long metal javelins to toss around the yard for fun. Oh, and in the 1980’s one wore seatbelts!

In the 1990’s, experience had taught us that lawn darts were a bad idea and that these things called seatbelts actually save lives. But we still tossed babies across chasms in the earth to get that perfect picture needed for a magazine (yes, this actually happened).

Twenty or thirty years from now, we will look back at today and remember all the dumb things we did. But at least we aren’t impaling children with lawn darts or hurling infants across gaps in the earth’s surface!

Goodbye to 2020. Bring on 2021!