Dothan-Ashford Trail Routes Proposed

Dothan-Ashford Trail Routes Proposed

At today’s County Commission meeting, Kim Meeker updated the Commission on the research he has done regarding the proposed Dothan-Ashford Trail. The trail, when completed, will allow recreational bicyclists, runners, and walkers the opportunity to enjoy outdoor recreation and exercise without worrying so much about automobiles.

The most desired route will run along Highway 84 to roughly Sanitary Dairy Road, where it will then follow the existing railroad. The alternative plan will primarily use Glen Lawrence Road until it gets to Broadway in Ashford.

Let me know if you have any comments regarding either route.

Based on current feedback, our the most desired route looks to follow Highway 84 from ACOM to Sanitary Dairy Road. There, it will hop on the railroad right-of-way and travel to the depot in Ashford, where it will terminate.
The alternative route will follow Cowarts Road to Glen Lawrence Road. There it will follow Glen Lawrence to Broadway and will terminate at the Depot in Ashford.

I’ve love to hear your feedback. Let me know what thoughts you have using the comments below. Thank you!

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